Assalamualaikum wbt..Cik Misi nak share knowledge and information about disease yg 
very common and famous. I hope this information will uses for all of u.Take care.. 
Jagalah kesihatan anda..BETTER PREVENT THAN CURE RIGHT J


Assalamualaikum...akhirnya setelah sekian lma blog ini di biarkan berhabuk n bersawang, Alhamdulillah.. now i able to write n express all my thought in here again. Aik?await i  tb2 speakang plak nih..xpe2..nie la syndrom realiti tv OH MY ENGLISH..although it is too childish, it help me a lot ok.pergh..xpe2..take ur time to learn n write in bi okeyh..

Back to the topic.. HYPERTENSION. What do u know about hypertension?what are the signs n symptoms of hypertension?how to manage and prevent it?My family members always ask me about this.Maklumla bakal misi..belum lg jdi misi da tnymcm2..huhu..If amik medic cam ne la plak kn..hehehhe..So,to make it clear, i will explain it here.


HPT is a common problem in Malaysia rite now..HPT refer to persistent level of high blood pressure that is SYSTOLIC B/P above 140mmHG and DIASTOLIC B/P above 90mmHg. We heard the systolic and diastolic sound using stethoscope and the reading we get from sphygmomanometer..hehehe..sje nk revise..

serius muka aq nie..huhu


In Malay, HPT also known as "darah tinggi". In my opinion, dat is not right bcoz xde word tekanan kat dpn tu..ngeeee..itu pun kecoh..The  right translation for HPT is "tekanan darah tinggi'.

Mostly, the causes of HPT are family history (genetic-if one of your parent hv it or both of them hv hpt, InsyaAllah u will inherit it.So,doa2 la parent korang chat ea),age(makin tua umur korang,smkin suka la HPT nk dkt coz hormon imbalance kn), increase salt intake (so,krgkn garam dlm mskn k ^_^ ), excess alcohol consumption,smoking (nicotine stimulate nervous system to increase B/P and heart rate) and stress (jgn stress2 lg k,nt tknn drh korang mkin naek).

The sign and symptoms of HPT are nausea and vomitting (due to increase sodium in body),nocturia (kencing mlm-due to increase blood flow to kidney and increase glomerular filtration),headache,palpitation, dizziness,blurred vision, nose bleeding and oedema. 

There are several medications to manage HPT problem which are thiazide (diuretic-to remove sodium),Beta blocker (atenolol,propanolol etc.), calcium channel blocker (nifedipine) and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (block AI to AII). Better prevent than cure right?

Thus, there are several activities to prevent HPT. We should do regular exercise everyday to ensure our blood flow lancar dlm bdn. Then, QUIT smoking or AVOID smoking  habit utk org yg x pernah merokok. QUiT drinking, maintain normal body weight (dun overweight and obese ok!), eat diet rich in vegetables, decrease sodium intake for example salt, decrease cholesterol intake like KFC,McD,fries, nugget etc and use stress management to reduce stress ok J
Enough or not info yg misi nie bg?if x cukup nt misi update lg k J take care of ur health J


Assalamualaikum wbt..Hep B?What do u know bout that? My sis bru jer kol td..see.. she trus asked me about Hep B J 

My sis and her cute daughter

Ngee..belom jdi nurse lg J if da jdi nurse nt, x tau la cmne..better aq jd consultant je kan J hehehe..misi ade abg  and kakak yg sgt concern pasal “HEALTH”. Always asked me this and that. Alhamdulillah dorang byk tny. Its for my goodness. It's part of my revision rite?hehehhe..When dorang tny, I had to explain to them. From that, I’ll memorize it J see.. x rugi pun concern psal health.

My bro-pre wed pic

Back to main topic, HEPATITIS B. According to WHO, Hep  B refer to inflammation of liver (hati) caused by hep B virus. The characteristic features for liver disease is jaundice. So, we must treat neonatal jaundice properly for early detection of liver disease. Hep B  is a serious and common infectious disease.  Dats mean, it can jangkit ma J

Hep B virus can spread to others. Most infected people with HBV look perfectly healthy and no symptoms of disease, yet may be highly infectious. So, don’t judge book by its cover. Same with healthy people ok! Remember that J

HBV can transmitted through direct contact with blood, body fluids and sexual intercourse (SI) with infected person. There are no specific treatment for Hep B.huhuhu..Due to no treament, that’s why we must successfully vaccinated since infant to prevent Hep B J Simple kn.

FYI, we  give injection Hep B to infant since birth (1st dose), 1 month (2nd dose) and 6 month (3rd dose).Benda nie la misi byk wat time kat klinik Siburan.Tu yg ingt sgt nih J. Kak, ckp la basic info bout Hep B right ? J

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