Here is my picture during convocation..yes...its expired oredy..heehehe..better late than never kan?? :)

This is my happiness..After 4 years,i've graduated from UNIMAS with Bachelor of Nursing with Honours..My family plays a big and great role all this time..since i was baby,they always there for me through thick and thin..until i'm adult right now..

Now is the time for me to pay back to all of them especially for my parent who always sacrifice everything for me to ensure i'm ok all this time..this is one of the happiness i can give to all of them..Alhamdulillah,i manage to get a job as a staff nurse before i'm graduated on,that is one of the happiness for them..InsyaAllah,next will be a great great great happiness..I hope everything went smooth for me..Pray for me..

There are times we fight and argue,but that does not mean the love has ended..our love for family never ended..because they are the person who knows me very2 well...
No family is perfect... We laugh,we cry,we argue and we fight..We even stop talking to each other at times,but in the end,family is family..the love will always be there..

Family like a branches on a tree..we all grow in different direction..yet our roots remain as ONE..

Love all of u to the moon and back and beyond infinity...

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