Part 1: Year 3 (Sem 5)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t…Firstly, salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.It’s still not too late kan?Better late than never ma.. J Alhamdulillah,finish year 3 already..Pejam celik pejam celik..kejap je msa berlalu pergi meninggalkan diri ini..betul la org ckp slma nie..

                “ Time is like the wind,it lifts the light and leaves the heavy”

Mcm tpu je semua nie. Now, I’m already 23 years old and next semester I will become final year student.Betul ke nie?ngeee J Mst la btul..xkan tpu plak..or it's only my imagination?hahahaha..see..misi merapu lg..

Jauh gler beza. semua gmbr itu..huhuhu
Direct to the point,let me share my experience what I had been through before this..There were too much stories that I want to share. Let me share the significant event happen to me ok J

When u are year 3 nursing students, u should remember  that your responsibility increase. Not only u become a super senior, and u can bully junior..No,that’s not it. You need to put much effort in your study because the more senior u are, the more knowledge or information u must gain to apply in clinical setting. Truly, my experienced as a nursing year 3 student was so tough and difficult. The main reason  was I had another commitment, I had to pegang  jawatan as Timbalan Pengerusi 1 JPK sesi 2012/2013. Seriusly, I sgup pgg jwtn nie rela dalam paksa.Very2 difficult. I need to divide my time to study, meeting, assignment and etc. Alhamdulillah.. Misi boleh lalui semua cbrn nie dgn tabah. Sometimes, I cried if i’m too tired..At this time, every second and every minute is very PRECIOUS and GOLDEN to me. J Nie la hikmah dia..aku belajar menghargai masa.

Attachment  kat hospital yg plg best sepanjang year 3 was at Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department. U know y?because, here u never sedar wktu lunch da smpai coz masa berlalu dgn pantas. U turn right or left, jam da menunjukkanjam 12.yeay!waktu lunch J Normal  la for students like us. The routine at A&E were insert brannula,venipuncture, vital signs (rsa nk termuntah da buat *poyo* bajet senior la nie..hahahha..dear juniors,dun follow me ok.kakak nakal sket..tu yg malas kdg2 J ), wat ECG,bawak pt g check x-ray and etc. Kat cnie mang sgt2 sbuk coz patient in and out mcm kat shopping mall..thats y smpai misi nie x sedar msa berlalu. That is the main reason y I LOVE A&E sooo much.. My second reason y I LOVE A&E so much because it hv aircond!sejuk x rsa penat lgsg although I x smpat nak duduk..x caye??!seriusly,tny senior len..hehehhehe..I hope,once I graduated soon, I’ll be able to work at A&E department with kak chen yg comel J hehhehe..WE LOVE A&E so much!

Next, attachment at Radio Therapy Unit (RTU)..a bit boring coz I had to do general basic procedures and we cannot do invasive procedure because all the patients at RTU ward were cancer patient. So, we need to handle them with care and not cincai2 lorh..Biasala students, budak bru blajar.byk yg x pndai n kena blajar.. Therefore, we byk observe procedure je kat cnie..J it’s a learning process my dear. Then, we attach to High Dependent Unit (HDU) at Male Medical Ward. Seriously, soo many things I had learnt at here from our beloved CI. FYI, HDU is a placed for patient yg memang dah terok and kritikal. Mang nervous tahap gaban gler 1st time attach kat cnie. Takut sgt coz commitment very high and “PATIENT’S LIFE IN OUR HAND” btul..Maut mang di tangan Allah but if we did not treat and care for patient properly, he might died.Alhamdulillah xde patient yg died because of our clumsy behaviour. I learnt to bcme more FAST, PROACTIVE, and my SKILL improve here. Mang perlu critical thinking hbs when attach here. Sgt2 mencabar..Inilah yg best. X best ar lau hdup xde thrill kan? J

To be cont..


  1. semoga jadi nurse yg baik2 ^^
    jadikan kerja sebagai ibadah, how? do it lillahi taala, only. ;)

  2. InsyaAllah..i'm a good and competent future nurse.Lillahi Ta'ala..buat kerja kena ikhlas kn..hehe..Semoga jd Dr yg baik2 jugak hafizan :)